Reading list







Statism & Anti-Capitalism

The Road to Serfdom by F A von Hayek (1944)
The Anti-Capitalist Mentality by Ludwig von Mises (1956)
Why Do Intellectuals Oppose Capitalism by Robert Nozick (1998)


The True Believer by Eric Hoffer (1951)
Selection from Mao’s Little Red Book by Mao Zedong

The New Left

The Port Huron Statement by Tom Hayden (1962)
A Letter to the New (Young) Left by Tom Hayden (1961)
The Way We Were – The Future of the Port Huron Statement by Tom Hayden (2005)
The Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky (1971)
Business Community’s Suicidal Impulse by Milton Friedman (1998)


Selection of Public Opinion by Walter Lippmann (1921)
Campus Blacklist by David Horowitz (2002)
Case Study on BPA Fear by Media Research Center (2012)



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