About the event

The Lion Rock InstituteProudly Presents

Reading Club Salon

November 3 – 4, 2012

Harbour Plaza Resort City
8 Tin Yan Road, Tin Shui Wai
Hong Kong, China
(852) 2180 6688

Populism is on the rise.

When sheer loudness of the noise of rallying cry overwhelms reason, and number of supporters behind a position replaces truth, public political discourse degenerates into a parade of publicity stuns.

Populism, however, is more simply than a shallowness in thinking.  It is a contemporary phenomenon driving politics by raw sentiment of the time.  It is going to end the our way of life if we do not know how to contain its damage.

The Lion Rock Institute is proud to present our Annual Seminar 2012.  In the two-day event, we are going to investigate four major topics:

A. Anti-capitalist Mentality and the Religion of All-powerful Government

The class of intellectuals and elites, who lost the power over common men and women, are disturbed by the fact that in modern capitalist economy everyone is equal in their opportunities to make a fortune.  Anti-capitalist intellectuals and elites are all over in the ivory towers, parliamentary lobbies, newsrooms and TV studios.  What do they believe?

B. Fanaticism and Mass Movement

The literati, the “men-of-words”, always create dreams of better worlds.  Nevertheless without “men-of-actions” to turn words into actions dreams are always dreams.  Fanatical men-of-actions who are powerful to drive populist movements are curious creatures.  Who are these fanatics?

C. The New Left

In the Sixties, a highly mercurial populist movement, the New Left, began to influence politics in an unconventional manner.  The business community and state bureaucratic establishment failed to comprehend the phenomenon and are always busy responding to their nudging and pushing.  What do these leftists want?  Can we concede and then expect to continue business as usual?

D. Propaganda

Ideally, education and journalism are there to maintain an informed citizenry. Unfortunately, schooling and mass media were made bias against capitalism and used for advancing the fanatical new left causes.  What can we do about it?

For more details, please check with Mr. Peter Wong of the Lion Rock Institute at peter.wong@lionrockinstitute.org


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